SilverTowne Employee Profile Series: Nikki C.

Nikki C., Front Counter Manager/The Coin Vault Camera Operator

The year was 2011. That year alone suggests just what kind of dramatic state the numismatic and bullion hobby was in. Chaos some would call it. No not the bad kind; the kind that sees silver reach nearly $50 an ounce which in turn, allows for the busiest of hobbies to get even busier. Some might say it was the perfect time to get hired on in the midst of it all. Some might say the complete opposite. But what we do know is that Nikki C. absorbed the chaos in March 2011 and has been a retail star ever since.

From selling and purchasing across the front counter at our retail store, to working the cameras for our subsidiary company’s television show The Coin Vault, it’s no stretch to say that she has done a lot, seen a lot, and will continue to do so.

Beginning Job Title: “I was initially hired in for the trade room. I spent some time on the phone and then an opening became available at the retail store front so I moved up there. This was when silver was almost $50 an ounce. I have been there ever since.”

Biggest Change Over the Years: “I think just the amount of old coins we keep on hand. We have a much quicker [sales] turnaround than we used to.”

Biggest Surprise Still: “I don’t know if surprise is the right word but when older ladies come in and they bring this box full of stuff that they didn’t think was worth much and it turns out that it’s worth a lot more than they could have ever imagined. I’m not sure how you can have that much stuff in your house and not know how much it’s worth. Like, I’ve made older women cry good tears because they were so happy.”

Favorite Part of Her Job: “I like that fact that every day is different. I learn something new, meet new people. It makes it [the job] more exciting.”

What She’s Most Excited About In the Future: “Just catching up with the times and modernizing. Things have to change in order to progress.”

Fondest Memory: “For sure the trips I experienced in 2014 to the Denver Mint to buy coins. This was the year and time period that the 2014 Gold Kennedy Half Dollars were released so you can only imagine what that was like. People were just insane before the Mint released them as they were lined up. I remember vividly people were getting trampled. One guy was stretching in anticipation [of running] for the coins.”

Favorite Period of Music: “Somewhere between old country and ‘gangster rap’.” (This is actually very representative of her personality.)

In her spare time, Nikki enjoys taking trips and vacationing when she can. She loves spending time with her husband Jason, and their two fur babies, Captain and Morgan. (Put those two together. This is also very accurate of her personality.) She is also a foodie and enjoys trying new foods and adult beverages.