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Vintage 1oz .999 Silver Bar Our Choice Mint & Design - Single

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Vintage 1oz .999 Silver Bar Our Choice Mint & Design - Single


1 Ounce .999 Fine 'Vintage' Silver Bar Our Choice Mint/Brand (Different manufacturers) and Design - Secondary Market

These specific bars are categorized as "vintage" due to their age; furthermore due to the designs and lower mintages, they are worth more in the collector market.

At SilverTowne's physical retail storefront in Winchester, Indiana, we buy what is often referred to Silver Scrap or Secondary Market Silver over the front counter all the time from walk-in customers and estates. This silver often appears tarnished, scratched, has blemishes, has imperfections, etc from sitting in storage for years or being mishandled, but it is still tested and weighed and confirmed to be .999 fine silver. When these bars came in we knew they were special, meaning we had to sell them as specific vintage lots.

Vintage Design/Mint .999 Silver Silver Bars

For each single purchase of this item you will receive a randomly selected vintage 1oz .999 silver bar design/manufacturer our choice. Each unit will come in individual plastic bar flips. No guarantees on selection.

Also available in 10 piece random lots as low as $24.95 per unit.

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