SilverTowne Employee Profile Series: Mindy C.

Mindy C., Fraud/Lost Package & Claims/Shipping

Just a little over a week from today, Mindy will have spent five years here with us at SilverTowne. Hiring in full-time on St. Patrick’s Day in 2014, she has done a lot in those five years from shipping and front counter work to working at our very own custom minting facility in Winchester, Indiana.

Beginning Job Title: “When I first started at SilverTowne, I was hired as a customer service representative. Since then I’ve taken over lost packages and claims. I do fraud checks on packages valued at over $1,000. I also help at the front counter when we get busy and in the shipping department. And then there was a short period of time I worked at the SilverTowne Mint.”

Favorite Part of Her Job: “Seeing all the different coins and bullion that come through. When I first got hired, I did not know anything about coins or silver or any of it. I also enjoy talking with all the different kinds of customers we have.”

Most Surprising Part of Her Job: “The price of coins. The range in value and the fact that a quarter can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands, it’s very surprising.”

Fondest Memory: “When I first started, our Christmas party, I remember, was a really good time. This was in 2014 when we went to Romer’s and Leon was there.”

Biggest Difference Over the 5 Years: “We are way more thorough in our approach at how we do a lot of things. Specifically, as it refers to my job, fraud checks are a lot more in-depth and thorough. In general from our business standpoint, the amount of inventory we hold and the number of coins that come through because of it. I think we’ve become more efficient in a lot of areas.”

Most Excited About: “Just the future of the business. I’m excited about Tanda being our new boss and how the company will grow. Also with Brock being named the CEO, the future is exciting.”

Favorite Period of Music: “The 80’s. It’s all good.” (She’s one of a group of girls from SilverTowne that has frequented the Def Leppard concerts for the past couple of years.)