Tombstone 1Kilo .999 Silver Nugget - Secondary Market

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Tombstone 1Kilo .999 Silver Nugget - Secondary Market


Tombstone 1 Kilo (32.15 Troy Ounce) .999 Fine Silver Nugget - Secondary Market

At SilverTowne's physical retail storefront in Winchester, Indiana, we buy what is often referred to Silver Scrap or Secondary Market Silver over the front counter all the time from walk-in customers and estates. This silver often can often appear tarnished, scratched, have blemishes, have imperfections, etc from sitting in storage for years or being mishandled, but it is still tested and weighed and confirmed to be .999 fine silver.

Tombstone Silver Nuggets

Own a piece of the Old American West with a Silver Bar crafted in the historic nostalgia of the town Tombstone, Arizona. These 1 Kilo, 32.15 Troy Oz Pure .999 Silver Bars are crafted to be unique and each one varies just a touch. Slightly different shapes, features, and personality. The original Tombstone bags with attached Certificate of Authenticity cards are included but their conditions will vary.