2018 Holiday Series: Joy to the World

♫♫...the Lord is come. Let earth receive her King. Let every heart prepare Him room and Heaven and nature sing. ♫♫

Five days until Christmas. I repeat: FIVE DAYS.

If you have yet to find that perfect gift for that perfect someone, the coin shop will be open until Saturday, December 22nd, from 9:00am-2:00pm.

In the midst of finishing up your shopping and buzzing around from family gathering to family gathering, I hope you take a minute to pause and reflect on this time of year and what it really means to you.

Based on personal experience, individuals either like the holidays or they are indifferent to them. This time of year does not lend itself to the patient as the dread of obligation and crazy holiday shopping is enough to bring down anyone’s mood. But there are those who anticipate this holiday months in advance for a chance to express the level of spirit that lends itself to the most joyous of holidays; the level of spirit that, quite frankly, is needed to get through the end of the year positively. Those people are needed and are only looking for the chance to gain some childhood nostalgia.

It is no doubt that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can get hectic, but remember that this season means way more than frivolous parties and gift-giving that we all know so well.

If you have not done this already, take a second away from the action and think about everything around you. Think about the people in your life and the roof over your head. Think about that place you go to every day (or night) to clock in and that thing that takes you there. Think about those who are not as fortunate and cannot reflect on these things in such a positive light. On top of all those things, think about the life you get to breathe every day and the fact that you were able to wake up surrounded by family and friends. Give thanks that your lives are filled with love and note that whenever you have love and memories to hold on to, you will be more prosperous than you could have ever imagined.

Thank You & Merry Christmas

We at SilverTowne take time this holiday season and every holiday season to reflect on all the joys our customers allow us to experience. From the showroom all the way back into shipping, we thank all of you for allowing us to celebrate this wonderful time of year in such a positive, but busy, way. What we have here is something special and we hope that in our own way we have got to share that with you.

And lastly, take the time to remember and celebrate Christ for He is THE reason for the season. His birth was God’s greatest gift to mankind. So as you pass around the gifts that you give, remember all that the Lord has given to you in His grace.

Happy Holidays to you from all of us SilverTowne. May you have the Merriest of Christmas’ and a blessed New Year.

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