SilverTowne Employee Profile Series: Cindy H.

Cindy H., Accounts Receivable

In May of 1988, Cindy walked through the doors at SilverTowne never expecting to spend 30 years of her life dedicated to the Hendrickson family. Initially hired to post orders in the system after they had been handwritten, Cindy has worked on the aforementioned catalog once produced as well as in the trade room. After learning multiple functions of the accounting department, Cindy has settled in taking care of accounts receivable along with many other tasks that aid in the department.

30 Years with SilverTowne

Favorite Part of Her Job: "Counting money," chucking all the while.

Biggest Difference Over the Years: "The biggest change that I’ve seen over the years is the market and watching it fluctuate. When I started silver was $3 and gold was around $200. Specifically, I remember when the market made a substantial climb and people flipped out because our Christmas pieces were cheaper and all of a sudden they went from $11 to over $20."

Best Memory: "You know, I’ve experienced a lot of losses but also a lot of good times and joys over the years. That’s how family is and you don’t work here this long without being treated like family. I’m very grateful from the living that I’ve had from here and that I’ve stayed as long as I have."

Favorite Period of Music: "The 70’s for sure. I grew up with Journey and Bob Seger. I still think that it’s the best."

When not spending time with us here at SilverTowne, Cindy stays busy with her daughter and three grandchildren. She also enjoys reading as well as decorating her home.