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Melt Bucket .999 Silver by the Ounce - Secondary Market

Best Price Offer

Melt Bucket .999 Silver by the Ounce - Secondary Market


At SilverTowne's physical retail storefront in Winchester, Indiana, we buy what is often referred to Silver Scrap or Secondary Market Silver over the front counter all the time from walk-in customers and estates. This silver often appears tarnished, scratched, has blemishes, has imperfections, some with incorrect engravings, etc from sitting in storage for years or being mishandled, but it is still tested and weighed and confirmed to be .999 fine silver.

We refer to this silver as Melt Bucket silver, simply because we will literally send this silver off to be melted and sold off or made into new silver pieces if we don't sell it in a certain period of time. Customers have asked for rock bottom priced silver, so we wanted to offer our online customers what our physical store customers have had access to for years.  Due to the nature of this product, it will go in and out of stock frequently.  Keep an eye on it and buy when you can!

Lowest Premium .999 Silver Secondary Market

For our customers that literally are collecting silver just to have silver and don't necessarily care how the silver looks physically, this is the silver for you! This is great for our customers that refer to SHTF collecting or stock-piling! You can buy as many ounces as you like at a time and depending on the number of ounces you buy you could receive all 1 ounce pieces or even 5 and 10 ounce pieces; some pieces will be just plain bullion pieces and sometimes even some sovereign coins, but at the end of the day your silver will be .999 fine silver!  The piece(s) you receive will be randomly selected with no guarantees on selection.

If this item is ever out of stock, or if you just prefer 10oz bars or even 100oz bars, check out our 10oz Secondary Market .999 Silver Bars product or our 100oz Secondary Market .999 Silver Bars product; the only difference is you have to purchase in 10 ounce or 100 ounce units. It becomes tricky to fulfill orders when we have an order for 8 ounces but only have 10oz bars left!

Please understand since buying silver in this condition at these low of premiums and with no minimums, the silver that you receive is non-returnable and non-refundable.