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US Dollar Clear Plastic Square Holder 2 x 2

US Dollar Clear Plastic Square Holder 2 x 2

Check/Wire Price: $1.30
CC/PayPal Price:   $1.34

Clear Plastic Storage/Display Holder Supply item for United States Minted dollar coins.

Perfect for display or long-term storage, this square-shaped coin holder is made of solid polystyrene which will not harm coins.

2 x 2 Dollar Coin Holder 38.1mm

Designed to securely cradle a US Minted dollar coin (38.1mm) in the clear, recessed center, this holder consists of two separate pieces which can easily be snapped together. The outer part of the case appears frosted, and centered within this area is a clear, circular area, perfectly sized to carry and display the coin. Measuring 2" x 2" (2 inches by 2 inches) square, the slim, compact structure of this case allows several pieces to stack together easily in your safe or in a row box. This holder is not tamper evident; should the dollar coin need to be removed for any reason, the holder can also be separated with a small amount of effort.

The following coins measure in at 38.1mm: Liberty Seated (1840-1873), Trade Dollars (1873-1885), Morgan (1878-1921), Peace (1921-1935) and Eisenhower (1971-1978).