A Look Ahead to the United States Mint's 2022 Production Schedule

As the end of the 2021 draws to a close, the United States Mint is already looking ahead to 2022 as they have released their production schedule. While we all know that tentative is a given concerning the schedule as much as they move dates and releases around, we can give you some insight on their out-of-the-gate releases planned as of right now.

Like always, the 2022 American Silver Eagle bullion edition coin should be shipping out to dealers in early January. As this annual release is never officially put on the schedule, we figured we would give you a reminder.

Commemoratives seem to be the big push at the beginning of the year with two different series being released on January 6th. We are not sure how they will tackle orders for these commemoratives as this year they took pre orders and shipped out the actual coins months later. They may resume like prior years where the coins were shipped immediately. However, that is purely speculation at this point as no one really knows.

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor 2022 Program will have eight different products including the $5 Gold Proof Coin, $5 Gold Uncirculated Coin, Clad Proof Half Dollar, Clad Uncirculated Half Dollar, Colorized Silver Dollar, Proof Silver Dollar, Uncirculated Silver Dollar, and a Three-Coin Proof Set.

The second commemorative program to be released on January 6th is the Negro Leagues Baseball 2022 Program. Nine total products will be in the series including the $5 Gold Proof Coin, $5 Gold Uncirculated Coin, Clad Proof Half Dollar, Uncirculated Clad Half Dollar, Proof Silver Dollar, Uncirculated Silver Dollar, Proof Silver Dollar and Jackie Robinson Proof Silver Medal Set, Proof Silver Dollar with Privy Mark, and a Three-Coin Proof Set.

It is not until February 3rd until we see our first American Silver Eagle product as both the 2022 One-Ounce American Silver Eagle Proof Coin and 2022 Congratulations Set will be released simultaneously, both from West Point. The second in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution Platinum Eagle Series will also be available. The 2022-dated coin will highlight the Freedom of Speech as the multi-year series will continue to honor the five freedoms in the First Amendment.

Continuing on into February we will see the first release of the American Women Quarters Program starting with Maya Angelou, the Native American $1 Coin in rolls, bags, and boxes from Denver and Philadelphia, and the American Women Quarters 2022 Proof Set.

March 11th will see the continuation of the 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal Series honoring the Armed Forces with the U.S. Navy front and center. On March 17th, the American Eagle 2022 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set from West Point will be available in addition to the fractional denominations being released individually. The last official date for the schedule will see the second release in the American Women Quarters Program on March 22nd with Dr. Sally Ride on the reverse.

As always, the Mint’s schedule is subject to change. Keep up with us to see all the upcoming releases as the information is given!