Upcoming On United States Mint's Production Schedule

February is nearly over and we are on our way to being a quarter of the way through 2020 already. Can you believe it?!?! Neither can we, but we look forward to it because of all the fantastic products that get released year after year from the United States Mint. If you are not an avid follower of these products, no worries as we have you covered.

Today the U.S. Mint is releasing the 2020 Clad Proof Set in Original Government Packaging and it will be similar to last year’s version. The 2019 Clad Proof Set, in addition to the Silver Proof Set and Uncirculated (Mint) Set, included a special edition Lincoln Cent. The Mint called it a “bonus” to thank all their customers. They all were the first of their kind as they were minted at West Point and marked with the “W” on the obverse. The Clad Proof Set included a Proof version while the Silver Proof Set included a Reverse Proof and the Uncirculated Set included an Uncirculated version.

The 2020 annual sets will be similar in that they will have a bonus coin, but this time it will be three premium Jefferson nickels. In the same vein, the Clad Proof Set will encompass a Proof version of the Jefferson nickel with a “W” mintmark on the obverse. The one thing that the Mint did do this year is take extra precaution when it comes to the packaging of the bonus coins. Last year, complaints surfaced as the coins arrived to customers spotted and with marks. In addition to being in the sealed clear plastic, they will also be placed in envelopes.

In Mid-March, the Mint will release the American Eagle 2020 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set. Minted at West Point, these coins have the potential to be the last ones with the design that has been seen since its inception in 1986. The Mint, while still unsure and unclear as to what their plans are, will possibly see a design change for both the Gold and Silver American Eagle programs in 2021. Again, most are unclear of what they will decide to do but the very thought is intriguing. These Proof coins will be released as a four-coin set in addition to being released separately for purchase.

At the beginning of April, the 4th to be exact, the brand new Basketball Hall of Fame commemorative coins will be released. A Hall of Fame Kids Set, $5 Proof Gold Coin, Proof Clad Half Dollar, Proof Silver Dollar, $5 Uncirculated Gold Coin, Uncirculated Clad Half Dollar, and Uncirculated Silver Dollar will be released in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. This series was announced last year as an open public design competition and the CCAC, or the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, chose the winner of the obverse design later on in the year. April 4th is on a Saturday this year and if you think that is a little bit odd for United States Mint releases, you are right. Our assumption is that the Mint is releasing these coins in conjunction with the 2020 NCAA Final Four National Semifinals as it is taking place the same day.

The last major release in April will be the release of the 2020 Silver Proof Set in Original Government Packaging on the 17th. As mentioned above with the Clad Proof Set, it will encompass a “bonus” Jefferson nickel with a premium Reverse Proof finish and the “W” mintmark on the obverse. No other details have been released about the set specifically, but it will include five .999 fine silver America the Beautiful quarter dollars in addition to a .999 fine silver Kennedy half dollar and Roosevelt dime. The 10-coin set will also encompass a Jefferson nickel, Lincoln Cent, and Native American dollar.

Stay tuned for more updates on the United States Mint’s production schedule that has yet to be released.