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SilverTowne Mixed Design 10oz .999 Silver Bar 3pc

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SilverTowne Mint Minted Bullion Product

SilverTowne Mixed Design 10oz .999 Silver Bar 3pc

Composition: .999 Fine Silver
Weight: 10 Troy Ounces
Approx. Dimensions: 91mm (W) | 47mm (H) | 8.5mm (D)
Mint: SilverTowne Mint

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Mixed Design 10oz SilverTowne Minted .999 Silver Bars; SilverTowne Trademark Eagle, SilverTowne Logo & Buffalo Replica Designs - Total of 30 Troy Ounces of Silver Bullion

10 Troy oz ingot custom minted in .999 pure silver at the SilverTowne Mint in Winchester, Indiana. Products will arrive in individual heat-sealed plastic. Designs include one each of the SilverTowne Trademark 10oz .999 Silver Bar, Buffalo Replica 10oz .999 Silver Bar and SilverTowne Trademark Eagle 10oz .999 Silver Bar.

Silver 10 oz Bars 3 Different Designs

As a common large bar silver bullion size, 10 Ounce Silver Bars are a great way to start investing in silver, the larger size will generally make per ounce premiums less because you are buying more ounces at a time, plus producing larger bars is less expensive for manufacturing. Add these to your IRA or easily stack them in your home safe or safe deposit box.

See all available mixed design lots.

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