Brock Abel Named Chief Executive Officer At SilverTowne

Brock Abel, Chief Executive Officer

As of late January 2019, Brock Abel was named as the new Chief Executive Officer at SilverTowne.

One of eight grandchildren to the late founder Leon Hendrickson, Brock has grown up in the business since day one and has now found himself in one of the most important positions to date.

“I’ve worked hard for the last 14 years to get where I am,” he said. “I have great relationships with people inside and outside of the business.”

As a full-time hire 14 years ago, Brock has walked through the doors at SilverTowne all his life. Whether it was after school, during the summer, or attending coin shows, it’s no surprise that he was made for this role. It’s ingrained in him.

“I was always in the weeds when it came to day-to-day decisions about the business,” he said. “Now I will do a lot more forecasting, a lot more projecting about the state of everything from the ground level up.”

Family Minded Business

While the retirement of his uncle (previous owner David Hendrickson) took effect in mid-January, David’s sister Tanda and husband Tony (Brock’s mother and father) took over majority ownership of the company and made it imperative that a CEO be named for the future of the business. That’s when Brock’s name was thrown in the hat with the encouragement of his fellow employees, owners, and brothers, Andy and Tyler.

“I wasn’t surprised,” he stated. “I think I’ve earned the respect from my family and all the employees. I’m very happy and I think it’s a great opportunity. I’m happy that it stayed in the family.”

Although Brock’s job responsibilities may not be altered too much, he does foresee a more focused approach at evolving the business to better tailor to the needs of the coin hobby in general as well as the continuation of capturing the younger generation.

Capturing a Younger Generation

“I just want to adapt with the times,” he said. “Social media, website generation, digital marketing. Those are all things that will help evolve the business. The coin business in my personal opinion is better today than it has been for the last couple of years. A younger audience has been affected by what we do and what the whole business does which in turn, allows for a much stronger future.”

A younger, more driven generation is exactly the boost the coin hobby needs as PCGS proved that a couple months ago with the hiring of Brett Charville as their new President at the beginning of 2019. As an accomplished figure in the coin business, Charville is the youngest (early-30’s) to have ever been named to the position at the company.

“A couple of years ago, there were still a lot of older dealers in charge and they do not like change,” Brock stated. “They are not very retail friendly and I believe the retail market and good customer service is the future.”

While Brock will be looking ahead to the future at a much higher level, he will still continue to have his brothers and family by his side to help guide him through.

“I feel like Brock is the most knowledgeable and the best possible leader for our business currently and for the coming years to follow,” Andy, the oldest of the Abel brothers and current television host of The Coin Vault, boasted. “His work ethic serves as a great standard not only for our employees within our business at SilverTowne, but for everyone in the coin business in general and its future.”

Reflecting on his job, old and new, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed along with his title.

“I look forward to coming to work everyday with great employees,” Brock claimed. “I get to work with my family and I get to learn something new every day. I’m very excited for the opportunity and I hope I make the best of it.”

Speaking for all SilverTowne employees, there’s no doubt in our mind you will be great and make the VERY best out of it, Brock. No doubt at all.