Introduction to Owning Silver & Gold - Post 3 What is YOUR STYLE?

Owning Precious Metal - Part 3

This is the third post of several “Introduction” blog posts about Owning Silver & Gold that covers common questions of what bullion is, how it's measured, what purities there are, what kind of products you can buy, why to buy to historical blunders, counterfeit concerns, market prices vs. the economy, etc. In this post, we review the Survivalist Style Buyer and what types of gold and silver you can buy like this - What is YOUR STYLE? Investor? Survivalist? Collector? Gifter? – Survivalist: Defined

First – let us get caught up, if you have not read the first blog in this series – read Introduction to Owning Silver & Gold - Post 1 and if you have not read the second blog in this series – read Introduction to Owning Silver & Gold – Post 2 .

The Survivalist Style Defined:

If you actively prepare for emergencies such as an economic collapse, social or political unrest, hazardous weather or any other circumstances that could disrupt your current way of life, then you may be a survivalist or a more ‘popular’ term currently, a prepper. Owning physical precious metals is a great way to prepare for many crises’. Another survivalist mindset factor is wanting to buy the ‘cheapest’ silver and gold possible, in other words survivalists are not buying silver and gold for its numismatic value, its collector value or even necessarily its beauty or design; they are buying as close to the current spot price (lowest premium) as possible and when they think it is the best time to buy according to market conditions and any blogs, groups and/or forums they have been reading or participating in.

Beyond just buying bullion, survivalists may be interested in what is often referred to as ‘junk silver’ which is any mint circulated currency that was produced pre-1964 that contains 90% silver. This way the silver is in smaller pieces and has a value beyond its ‘face value’ printed on the coin. And generally speaking when a survivalist style buyer purchases silver and gold, they are looking for the ‘ long-term’ value of their purchases and are not looking to ‘cash out’ anytime soon. (That is, unless of course the opportunity arises and the conditions are ‘perfect’ for them!) Survivalists also want physical silver and gold in hand – this is very important to them because if or when their crises’ happens they want that silver and gold in hand to possibly trade or barter as a form of currency. Therefore a survivalist is not going to necessarily put their stacks on display anywhere; they are going to have it stashed and hidden away in a safe or in various other nondescript secret locations.

Here are some common Silver and Gold products that Survivalist Style consumers buy:90% (Junk) Silver, Gold Bullion and my favorite (still a little biased here!!) SilverTowne Minted .999 Fine Silver Bullion!

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Coming up in our next post - "What is YOUR Style? Collector: Defined"