Silver US Proof Sets

Silver Proof Sets include select coins produced by the United States Mint in 90% silver. Like Clad Proof Sets, Silver Proof Sets feature special coins that are manufactured by the US Mint utilizing the proof method of production. Proof coins are made specifically for presentation, souvenir, exhibition, or numismatic purposes. Proof coins can usually be distinguished by their sharpness, brilliant mirror-like surfaces and high-detail edgings. Silver Proof Sets are popular with collectors due to the silver content of the coins.

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2017 S 10pc Silver Proof Set
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Check/Wire Price:  $63.06
CC/PayPal Price:  $64.95
2017 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set with PF69 Silver Eagle NGC SF Trolley Label
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Check/Wire Price:  $242.70
CC/PayPal Price:  $249.98
2018 S 10pc Silver Proof Set
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Check/Wire Price:  $56.95
CC/PayPal Price:  $58.66
2018 S 5pc America The Beautiful Quarter Silver Proof Set
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Check/Wire Price:  $49.95
CC/PayPal Price:  $51.45