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Breast Cancer Pink Awareness Ribbon Silver Memorial/Celebration Gifts Launch

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White ribbons have recently emerged as a salute to medical professionals on the front line of the cornoavirus pandemic.

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6 Results (Viewing 1 - 6 of 6)

Showing Support with Ribbons

Most of us have been touched in some way by cancer or disease. Whether watching someone close to us in the fight of their lives or personally living the fight yourself, it seems impossible to sit on the sidelines. Uniting for a cause inspires people to act and ribbons backed with a cause brings to light everyday battles that continue to take place.

Awareness ribbons have quickly become the face of the fight against cancer. Specific colors and color combos represent specific cancers, diseases or causes. As the need to bring awareness has extended well beyond the color spectrum, some colors represent several causes. Among the most well-known ribbon colors are pink for breast cancer awareness, red for heart disease, yellow for childhood cancer or supporting our troops, and teal for ovarian cancer.

Every day, the list of causes grow as the level of support for our fellow humans increases. Awareness created with these ribbons boosts prevention with early detection as well as enhances community support for those who are fighting, have fought, or are now overcoming the diseases and illnesses that take such control of our loved ones. Ultimately, we hope and pray for victory over each fight.