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Assay Service

Performed Within Our Own Facility

SilverTowne provides an assay service which allows you to determine the percentage of gold or silver in your coins, jewelry, table settings and other items (see list of items below that we DO NOT accept). Your assay is performed at our own facility in Indiana, never sent to a third-party (so security and respect for your possessions are never in doubt). After the assessment, you will have the option to sell in accordance with the below assay settlement terms.


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Assay Settlement Terms


Gold Content:  40% or higher
Payable:  1-10 pure ounces, 97% of gold price | 10-20 pure ounces, 98% of gold price | 20+ pure ounces, 98.5% of gold price
Settlement Time:  14 working days
Incoming Weight Charge:  25 cents per troy ounce
Assay Charge:  $80.00


Silver Content:  80% or higher
Payable:  94% of silver price
Settlement Time:  14 working days
Incoming Weight Charge:  25 cents per troy ounce
Assay Charge:  $80.00


If you confirm your gold or silver we will honor the amount confirmed.


These items are not accepted for assay by SilverTowne:

• Anything other than gold or silver (including platinum)
• Gold filled computer parts
• Bench polishings
• Sandpaper
• Buffing wheels
• Contacts
• Silver solder
• Wet material from photo processes
• Anything low grade (lower than 30% for gold; lower than 70% for silver)
• Anything containing lower than 3 troy ounces of gold



SilverTowne Assay Process:

1) You drop off or ship the materials you wish to be assayed to us at our main showroom in Winchester, Indiana.

2) We weigh, examine and sort your materials. (Please Note: Any reclaimable precious gems should be removed prior if you wish to keep them.)

3) We place your metal materials in a furnace heated to 1850 degrees F to melt them down for testing. Then the melted materials are poured into a mold to form a bar from which we get a sample for the assay.

4) Once the sample is gathered we use a method called fire assaying to determine the percentage of precious metal in the bar. (The Fire Assay method has been altered very little over the centuries, and is still considered the most accurate means of determining Gold and Silver content.)

5) After the precious metal content has been determined, we’ll provide you with a quote. You’ll then have the option to sell your materials to us in accordance with the above terms.

Please contact us for more information.