Introduction to Owning Silver & Gold - Post 2 What is YOUR STYLE?

If your main focus is building and preserving wealth for your future, then you may be an investor. Diversifying your other holdings (like a 401(k), mutual funds, savings accounts, etc.) with precious metals is a great way to make sure you do not have all of your eggs in one basket! There are even IRAs that accept certain precious metals as an asset while keeping the tax benefits associated with an IRA account type; if that is something that piques your interest, SilverTowne facilitates accounts of this type (see more information here). Another investor mindset factor is the availability of the ‘buy-back’ value; if at any point you want to ‘cash out’ on the bullion you have purchased, you will want product that is common so dealers will be willing to buy from you... Read on to learn more!