2021 Silver Treasures of the United States: Iowa with Quartz Crystal 1oz Proof Coin

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2021 Silver Treasures of the United States: Iowa with Quartz Crystal 1oz Proof Coin


2021 Silver Treasures of the United States Coin Series: Iowa with Encapsulated Quartz Crystal 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Proof Coin in Black Presentation Box with Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and Informational Brochure

Follow the Treasures of the United States as this coin series features each state minted in alphabetical order. Each coin in this unique series contains a native piece of state pride and features incredible designs to honor each of the 50 states. Marvel at the unparalleled detail, find hidden illustrations of state culture, and learn many interesting facts about the states and their discoveries. All of the items inside the coins are natural items that are responsibly sourced. Contents vary in value and scarcity, but all are important elements for the state they represent. With a mintage of just 500, you can be sure about the rarity of this inspiring set as we walk through history around the nation and celebrate the 50 states like never before. As the 15th in the series, this coin features the state of Iowa with encapsulated Quartz Crystal. The design features include the following: State flag, State flower (Prairie Rose) State bird (american Goldfinch), Iowa State Fair and a Cornfield.

Treasures of the United States: Iowa

The state of Iowa, originally a territory of Wisconsin west of the Mississippi River, was named after the Iowa River, which in turn was named after the Iowa Indians who lived in the territory. With its fertile, rolling prairies, Iowa is one of the foremost farming states in the United States. One fifth of the nation’s corn harvest is produced in Iowa. Wet springs combined with warm summers create a favorable environment for the planting of corn and soybeans in the state’s topgrade farmland.

Iowa produced the first gasoline-powered tractor in 1892 and today the state claims the largest tractor manufacturing plant in the U.S. Iowa boasts one of the top state fairs in the nation and the inventor of sliced bread was Iowa born!

The official state rock of Iowa is Quartz Geode. Geodes are spherical to subspherical rock structures with an internal cavity lined with mineral materials. They have a durable outer wall that is more resistant to weathering than the surrounding bedrock. This allows the geode to survive intact when the surrounding bedrock weathers away. When cracked open, the mineral lining the cavity is often a scintillating druse of tiny quartz crystals.

With a tiny mintage of just 500, this 1 troy ounce .999 fine silver coin features the patented "moving parts within a coin" technology, embedded within the silver coin is Quartz Crystal, visible through a transparent capsule. This Treasures of the United States coin is struck in Proof quality and bears a denomination of $10 Legally authorized by the Mesa Grande Sovereign Nation.

Each Treasures of the United States Coin will arrive in the original protective plastic capsule in a black presentation/gift box along with a certificate of authenticity and an informational brochure.

Quality: Proof
Composition: .999 Fine Silver
Diameter: 39.6mm
Weight: 1 Ounce
Contents: Quartz Crystal
Mintage: 500
Issuing Country: Mesa Grande Sovereign Nation
Issue Year: 2021
Denomination: $10
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