Morgan Silver Dollar Our Choice Date in H.E. Harris Snaptite

Morgan Silver Dollar Our Choice Date in H.E. Harris Snaptite


Morgan Silver (90% Silver) Dollar Our Choice Date (Random Date)* in H.E. Harris Snaptite

Morgan Dollars were produced from 1878-1904 (and again for 1 year in 1921) and contain 90% Silver.

Own a piece of history or give a piece of history as a gift in this special plastic holder. An affordable way to own a piece of history that will always have a lasting dollar value due to it's silver composition.

This H.E. Harris snaptite features an 'Old West' themed insert.  Your Random Date Morgan Silver Dollar will come in this plastic snaptite that will help to protect your coin.  Collect several and give some away as a gift!

A Little History:

The Morgan Dollar is named after its designer, George T. Morgan, who designed the obverse as well as the reverse of the coin. George was formerly a pupil of William Wyon in the Royal Mint in London and his initial 'M' can be found at the truncation of the neck at the last tress. The initial also appears on the reverse on the left-hand loop of the ribbon.

The obverse of the coins feature Lady Liberty with the year-date engraved along with the words "E Pluribus Unum"** as well as the word "Liberty" can be found on her head-dress.  Then the reverse features an Eagle holding arrows and an olive branch. The reverse depicts the "One Dollar" denomination as well as the words "United States of America" and "In God We Trust".

Each Morgan Silver dollar weighs in at 26.73 grams and contains .900 silver along with .100 copper (net weight of .77344 troy ounces of pure silver) has a reeded edge and has a diameter of 38.1mm.  Through the years Morgan Silver Dollars were minted at Philadelphia, New Orleans, Carson City, Denver and San Francisco United States Mints.

There are several varieties of Morgan Silver Dollars as well as several collector conditions some worth significantly more and some that carry a small premium over the market value of silver.

*The image featured is representative of a Morgan Silver Dollar you MAY receive.  The date and mint of the Silver Dollar you receive will be selected at random.

**What does E Pluribus Unum stand for? E Pluribus Unum is a noun and means "out of many, one"; it is the motto of the United States.

Where can I find the Mint-Mark on a Morgan Silver Dollar?  If there is a mint-mark it will be fold on the reverse directly below the wreath above the letters "DO" in the word "DOLLAR".  If there is no mint-mark/letter found there, that indicates the Philadelphia Mint.