U.S. Mint Postpones Pre-Ordering On Remaining 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

Late last week, the United States Mint sent via email an announcement disclosing their postponement of the remaining 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar presales that were to occur on June 1st and June 7th. The last four coins have been marked “TBD” on their production schedule.

The highly anticipated series of coins has been on the minds of collectors and dealers alike for months or longer, with the first presale having already taken place on May 24th of the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar ‘CC’ and ‘O’ Privy mark coins. According to the Mint, a number of factors, including a high demand among a global silver shortage, is the reason for the move.

“The extraordinary volume of web traffic caused significant numbers of Mint customers to experience website anomalies that resulted in their inability to complete transactions,” said the Mint in their email.

While we have no idea when the next coins will once again be available, the Mint looks to “rectify the situation” that took place with the first two coins during the delay.

“While inconvenient to many, this deliberate delay will give the Mint the time necessary to obtain web traffic management tools to enhance the user experience,” the Mint stated. “As the demand for silver remains greater than the supply, the reality is such that not everyone will be able to purchase a coin. However, we are confident that during the postponement, we will be able to greatly improve on our ability to deliver the utmost positive U.S. Mint experience that our customers deserve.”

Source: United States Mint