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SilverTowne Mint Certified 1 Kilo .999 Silver Shavings

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SilverTowne Mint Certified 1 Kilo .999 Silver Shavings


SilverTowne Mint .999 Silver Shavings 1 Kilo (32.15 Troy Ounce) in Tamper Evident Clear Container

Produced at the SilverTowne Mint, Silver Shavings are made by 'shaving' much larger chunks of silver. Made to melt and make into bullion blanks then to manufacture bullion bars and rounds, this form is the first step in the bullion manufacturing process. The traditional form of silver made to easily melt is called 'silver shot' which is silver in the form of small pellets which could be compared to tiny BB gun pellets. This shavings form melts up to 2 times faster than traditional shot speeding up the manufacturing process.

32.15oz Shavings Silver Bullion

This silver shavings lot of 1 kilo size will arrive in a cylindrical clear plastic container with a white tamper evident tape seal along with clear shrink-wrap around the whole container. Attached to each jar is a certification label with certifies the container contains 10 troy ounces of .999 fine silver. Silver shavings can be used to create a wide variety of products such as the aforementioned bullion manufacturing as well as silver paint/ink, polymer thick film and material for jewelry making and repair for jewelry makers and artisans.

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