SilverTowne Employee Profile Series: Heather C.

Heather C., Fulfillment

Everyone’s hired on story is different. Some here at SilverTowne are doing the exact job they were hired for. Some are doing that job plus parts of another they had to learn on the fly. And some, well, are just doing something completely different than they ever thought they would be. Sometimes that means that someone needed something different and sometimes it means the position needed to be filled and quite frankly, they were thrown in the deep end we like to say.

Heather’s hired on story is a little bit of everything. Originally working for our subsidiary company’s (The Coin Vault) call center as a late-night operator, she found herself wanting something different to do at the same time a position opened up. This is where the deep end comes into the story.

Beginning Job Title: “I started working at the call center in February of 2017 answering phones and taking orders during the live shows. And then sometimes I came over to the main building to help the shipping department when they needed it.”

Current Job Title: “I am now in charge of fulfillment for The Coin Vault and then I do SilverTowne orders when it comes to graded coins and raw sets like the Mint/Proof. Basically, everything that is not silver bullion I take care of. I also print and fill customer orders as well as manage an open orders spreadsheet to let people know what I need from where. I communicate with the call center daily on order issues or requests in addition to organizing the vault at the end of the month for inventory.”

Favorite Part Of Her Job: “I like to fill orders. I like for product to be shipped out.”

Biggest Change Over the Years: “Well just for me personally, I had never really been by myself like I am now. I sort of just do my own thing and get stuff done on my own. I also move around a lot more which I didn’t do before. Overall, my responsibility increased exponentially. That would probably be the biggest change.”

Biggest Surprise Over the Years: “Still just how many products there are and how much there is to learn. Doing this job, I have seen so many different types of coins and I just had no idea. This job makes you learn a lot for sure.”

Fondest Memory: “When I worked at the call center, Paige (co-worker and friend) and I got to decorate for Christmas. That was pretty fun.”.

What She Looks Forward To: “I think just the overall growth of the company.”

Additional Thought: “I think this has been my first job in which I really like all my co-workers. I get along with everyone here. That can be rare at times so I’m grateful for that.”

Favorite Genre Of Music: “I really like rock music. More specifically, Rob Zombie.”