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10oz Silver Bullet .50 Caliber Replica Gold & Rhodium Plated SilverTowne Mint

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10oz Silver Bullet .50 Caliber Replica Gold & Rhodium Plated SilverTowne Mint


Gold Plated 50 Caliber Silver Bullet Replicas Minted by The SilverTowne Mint .999 Fine Silver

Also available in a plain 50 Caliber Replica, a plain 1oz/45 Caliber and a plain 2oz/308 Caliber Bullet Replica Size.


10 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Bullet .50 Caliber Replica 24KT Gold & Rhodium Plated from SilverTowne Mint

Hunters, firearm hobbyists, and Second Amendment supporters are guaranteed to take a second look at our NEW .50 Caliber Silver Bullet Replicas. They look just like the real thing and could be just THE gift you have been waiting to give all year!

Custom minted at the SilverTowne Mint in Winchester, Indiana, these pure .999 fine silver bullets are modeled after .50 caliber ammunition that is housed in the heavy duty automatic Browning Machine Gun. American-made and comprised of 10 Troy Ounces of silver, this strategically designed replica bears the purity and weight, “10oz 999 AG”, on the base (primer area) as well as our SilverTowne pickaxe logo standing in as a mint mark. This special version of the .50 caliber replica has the tip plated in 24 KT gold and the remainder plated in Rhodium which give the bullet an extra shine and uniqueness.

Your 10oz Silver Gold and Rhodium Plated .50 Caliber Bullet Replica will arrive in a custom box with a fitted box sleeve with a camo box sleeve and a certificate of authenticity. The box and sleeve are not only convenient for storage but also dresses up the bullets to present nicely as a gift. No gift wrapping needed!

.50 Caliber Gold Plated Silver Bullet Replicas 10oz

The .50 BMG round was created for use in the Browning Machine Gun during the 1910s before being used in sniper rifles for distance shooting. It officially entered military service in 1921 and became productive ammo in both semi-auto and single-fire weapons. Browning’s idea for the cartridge came during World War I. It ultimately was used in World War II and continues to be used by the military. These replica bullets weigh in at 10 Troy Ounces of .999 Fine Silver Bullion each.

Not intended for use as an actual bullet to be fired from a weapon.

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