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1907 $10 Gold Liberty Head Coin AU in Flip

1907 $10 Gold Liberty Head Coin AU in Flip


1907 (Philadelphia Mint - No Mint-Mark) $10 Gold Liberty Head Gold Coin AU (About Uncirculated Condition) in Flip

Liberty Head $10 gold coins with "motto above eagle", were minted from 1866-1907.  Prior to the 'motto' version $10 gold Liberty Head coins started in 1838. These Liberty Head $10 Gold Coins are also commonly referred to as Gold Eagles due to their $10 Denomination and gold content.

1907 $10 Liberty Head Gold Coin AU

Liberty Head $10 gold coins were designed by Christian Gobrecht and weigh in at 16.718 grams with a composition of 90% gold and 10% copper (a net weight of .48375 ounces of pure gold).

On the design of the obverse of the $10 Liberty Head Gold coin features 13 stars circling around an image of 'Lady Liberty' with the word "LIBERTY" in her coronet/crown and the year-date of the coin below. The reverse then features an eagle and shield design with the following words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", "TEN D." and the motto of "IN GOD WE TRUST". There is no mint-mark on the reverse of this coin meaning it was struck at the Philadelphia mint.

This $10 1907 Liberty Head Gold Coin is in AU condition will arrive in a plastic flip.

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