Trump .45 Colt Signature Gold Tipped 1.5 Ounce .999 Silver Bullets 10pc Box

Trump .45 Colt Signature Gold Tipped 1.5 Ounce .999 Silver Bullets 10pc Box

45th President Trump .45 Colt Signature Gold Tipped 1.5 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Bullets Replica 10 Piece Box

Celebrating the United States 45th President, President Donald J. Trump, it seems fitting for a .45 caliber round to celebrate the 45th President. Made from a solid 1.5 Troy Ounces of .999 fine silver these look like a real .45 caliber long colt round. This 10 Piece box has special packaging to hold and display the 10 silver bullets. The tip and and a some of the bottom is selectively plated with 24K Gold. The bottom is also specifically stamped with the following: ".45 TRUMP 1.5oz 999 AG"

The .45 Colt’s history fires back to 1873 when it was manufactured as a powerful black-powder revolver load for horse-mounted troops in the U.S. Army. Because of its force and impressive stopping power, it soon penetrated the Wild West as the weapon of choice. Today, the .45 Colt still rides as a popular hunting and defensive round.

President Trump Supporters | Second Amendment Supporters

These limited Signature Silver Bullets will arrive in custom presentation packaging with the bullets lined up and perched atop burgundy velvet with a piece of wood at the top beautifully engraved with the following: The "Trump" .45 Long Colt 1.5oz. Signature Silver Bullet™. These are perfect for gift-giving and are sure to be a talking point. Supporters of President Trump and the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, alike will clamor after these limited 10 Piece Box sets! Load up today!

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SPECIFICATION VALUE (each Silver Bullet)
Metal: .999 Fine Silver
Weight: 1.5 Troy Ounce
Overall Unit Length: 1.670 IN | 42.49 MM
Base Diameter: 0.490 IN | 12.45 MM

This Signature Silver Bullet™ is not live ammunition and should not be used in a weapon of any kind. The sale of Signature Silver Bullets is not governed by the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, the Firearms Owners' Protection Act, or any other state or federal law concerning ammunition.

Check/Wire Price:  $485.42
CC/PayPal Price:  $499.98

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