225th Anniversary Philadelphia Mint Lincoln Penny Special with Silver Flag Bar

225th Anniversary Philadelphia Mint Lincoln Penny Special with Silver Flag Bar

225th Anniversary Philadelphia Mint Lincoln Penny Special with Silver Flag Bar - Including Wheat Cents, Shield Cents & New 2017-P Mintmark Lincoln Cents!

The year 2017 marks the 225th Anniversary of the United States Philadelphia Mint (Officially April 2nd 2017). The Mint commemorated this event with the first ever 'P' mintmark appearing on the 2017 Lincoln Shield Cent. These coins were quietly entered into circulation in 2017 and quickly became highly sought after and hard to obtain in circulation. This coin will be included in the 2017 uncirculated set as a one-year type coin and in 2018, the Lincoln Shield cent will again have no mintmark for being minted at the Philadelphia Mint.

The coin was intentionally released without promotion to see how long it would take for people to notice and question the Mint about the authenticity of the 2017-P pennies.

2017-P Lincoln Pennies - First Ever "P" Mintmark on a Cent

This penny deal includes the following items:

  • 3 Sealed Boxes of 2017-P Lincoln Cents (each sealed box houses 10 rolls of 50 pennies)
  • Single roll (50 pennies) 2017-P Lincoln Cents
  • 10 Rolls of Average Circulated Condition Wheat Cents (40s and 50s Random)
  • 2 Rolls 'S' Mint Wheat Cents Average Circulated Condition
  • 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Flag Bar Minted By SilverTowne in Cap and Gift Box

You may be wondering why we have the 3 sealed boxes of cents and then a loose single roll; we offer it this way so you can keep your 3 sealed boxes unopened for collector value, then your single roll you can open up (if you wish) to be able to check out the P mint mark cents!

Check/Wire Price:  $99.95
CC/PayPal Price:  $102.95

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