2017 South Africa Silver Krugerrand 50th Anniversary 3oz Silver Coin and Bar Set

2017 South Africa Silver Krugerrand 50th Anniversary 3oz Silver Coin and Bar Set

Mintage is just 5000 on this unique set that commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the South Africa Krugerrand. The set includes the first ever 1 oz. Silver Krugerrand (with 1967/2017 dual dating) coin, within a 2 oz. Silver bar, also depicting the iconic subject matter. The bar is individually numbered and the set arrives in a wood presentation box, with Certificate of Authenticity.

Low Mintage Silver Krugerrand Set

2017 marks the first ever mintage of a silver Krugerrand.  With a limited mintage, this .999 fine silver coin has a special 50th anniversary mint mark of the reverse.  Each coin is 1 Rand in denomination of South African Legal Tender, 1 Ounce (31.107 grams) in weight and 38.725mm in diameter.

History & Design: The Krugerrand was the first modern gold bullion coin to be issued by any country, and was instantly sought after by collectors all over the world. When other countries saw the international demand created by the Krugerrand, many issued gold coins of their own, including the US Gold eagle and Canadian Gold Maple leaf issues. First struck in 1967, the Krugerrand design was based on historic coins of South Africa, and the design has remained unchanged for over three decades. The obverse depicts Paul Kruger, who was President of Zar, (now Transvaal Province of South Africa), from 1883-1902. The reverse design depicts a Springbok Antelope, and was taken from the 1947 crown for the Royal visit to South Africa. The name Krugerrand was derived from Kruger (President Paul Kruger) and Rand (for the South African monetary unit).

This year's 50th anniversary was the occasion to make a 2-ounce premium silver bar ( 999/1000), which is used to insert the silver Krugerrand into. On its front is a South African landscape. A cloudy rising sun and a springbuck in the original representation of C. Laurens Steynberg's plant motif supplements the scenery. In addition, an individual numbering appears which underlines the authenticity and strict limitation of the premium set. The numismatic data '2oz Ag. 999 'are also located on the front. The back of the bar is marked by an imposing Jubilee inscription, which is also embedded in a peaceful African landscape. The bar was marked in the high embossing quality 'Reverse Proof'.

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Metal: Silver
Fineness .999 Fine Silver
Weight: 1 Ounce | 31.107 Grams
Mint: South Africa Mint
Condition: Premium Uncirculated | Specimen
Denomination: 1 Rand
Dimensions: 38.7mm
Coin Mintage: 1,000,000
2oz Bar w/Coin Mintage: 5,000
Check/Wire Price:  $242.70
CC/PayPal Price:  $249.98

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