Wood Bison – the Final Release in the Canadian Wildlife Series

Canadian Wildlife Coins - Wood Bison

The sixth and final release in the Canadian Wildlife Series of silver bullion coins, the Wood Bison, was recently made available by the Royal Canadian Mint. The reverse of these coins features a wood bison galloping through snow in front of a cluster of evergreen trees. The giant wood bison (sometimes called a mountain bison) is the largest land animal in North America. Canada is the only country in the world where the wood bison is found in the wild. A subspecies of the American bison, wood bison were nearly extinct by the early 20th century before conservation efforts helped increase their numbers once again. Protected herds exist today in parts of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories. The obverse of the silver coin, like all releases in the Wildlife Series, depicts Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Popular with nature lovers, as well as silver collectors and investors, the 6 coin designs in the Canadian Wildlife Series have been released over the past three, with the Wood Bison coin being the last in the series. All of the Canadian Wildlife bullion coins are composed of .9999 fine silver. Inscriptions on the reverse of each coin in the series include CANADA, 9999 and FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR.

The six designs in the Canadian Wildlife series are:

Wolf Silver Bullion Coin - Showcases a Timberwolf standing on a snowy hill with a full moon in the distant sky.
Bear Silver Bullion Coin – Features a roaring Grizzly Bear standing on all fours at the edge of a body of water.
Cougar Silver Bullion Coin – Depicts a Canadian Cougar leaping over a fallen tree limb while baring its sharp teeth.
Moose Silver Bullion Coin – Portrays a majestic Bull Moose with large antlers standing in tall grass.
Antelope Silver Bullion Coin – Highlights a Pronghorn Antelope walking through hilly fields of grass.
Wood Bison Silver Bullion Coin – The final coin in the series shows a Wood Bison galloping through snow in front of a cluster of evergreen trees.

Complete your Canadian Wildlife silver coin set today by adding the Wood Bison Silver Coin to your collection!