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South Africa Krugerrand Gold 1oz Date Our Choice - Secondary Market

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South Africa Krugerrand Gold 1oz Date Our Choice - Secondary Market


South African Gold Krugerrand 1 Ounce (1oz) Date Our Choice (DOC) Secondary Market

At SilverTowne's physical retail storefront in Winchester, Indiana, we buy what is often referred to as Secondary Market precious metals over the front counter all the time from walk-in customers and estates. These precious metals coins and bullion can often appear tarnished, scratched, have blemishes, have imperfections, etc from sitting in storage for years or being mishandled, but it is still tested and weighed and confirmed to be a precious metal.

Gold Krugerrand Coins

The Krugerrand derives its name from combining the names of Paul Kruger, a well-known Boer leader and local hero who went on to become the last president of the Republic of South Africa, and the "rand" -- the monetary unit of South Africa.

Krugerrand gold coins are legal tender. Its composition was designed to be more durable.  With a purity .9170, or 91.7% gold, with the remainder is copper. Copper alloy gold coins are more resistant to wear than their 24 karat counterparts. The coin also appears closer to an orange shade than coins alloyed with silver. Krugerrands gold coins are regarded as one of the worlds' oldest and most recognizable gold bullion coins, carrying with it all of the qualities one could want in a gold investment: liquidity, portability and beauty.

Each 1oz Krugerrand Gold Coin will arrive in a protective plastic flip.

Gold Content: 1 Troy oz | 31.103 grams
Fineness: 22 Karats or .9167
Total Weight: 1.0909 Ounces | 33.930 grams
Diameter: 32.6mm
Thickness: 2.84mm
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