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2.5 Gram Gold Bullion Bars

Buy 2.5 Gram Gold

One of the most attractive points when purchasing 2.5 gram gold bars is their small size making for a decent investment that is super easy to store. Small gold bullion pieces are perfect for anyone looking to invest in gold without breaking the bank. While larger pieces of gold do boast lower premiums overall, springing for a full ounce at one time can be a bit intimidating for anyone on a budget. Luckily, since having a diverse mixture of both gold and silver in your holdings is very desirable for many investors, buying smaller denominations makes for a quick and easy way to do so.

Gold Bars for Sale at SilverTowne

SilverTowne carries gold bars from multiple mints making it easy to add different designs to your holdings; one of the most popular designs being the Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna. With lower premiums and a wide variety of weights to choose from, owning gold bullion bars is within the reach of every budget. Let us help you diversify your collection with gold bullion today!

All gold bullion sold by SilverTowne is bought in either directly from the originating mint or one of their approved distributors. Every bullion product that leaves our store is 100% quality guaranteed and is stamped to show weight and purity.