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Silver Great Britain Britannia 1oz Coins

2022 Britannia Silver Coins 1 Ounce

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6 Results (Viewing 1 - 6 of 6)

The Royal Mint

The British Royal Mint , originally known as the London Mint, was erected in 886 making it one of the oldest operating facilities in the world. While the main objective of the Royal Mint has been producing coins for circulation in the UK, they have also produced many commemorative coins and even coins for other countries.

Silver Britannia

The Royal Mint began production of the one-ounce Silver Britannia coins in 1997. The first year coins were only available as proof pieces and had a limited mintage of 20,000. Designed by Phillip Nathan, the coin's reverse depicts a beautiful image of Britannia, the Roman deity said to have served as a protector of the British Isles. Originally Britannia coins were struck in .958 fine silver; however, in 2013 the Royal Mint changed this aspect of the series and began striking each coin in .999 fine silver. Silver Britannia Coins make a beautiful addition to any collection!