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South African Gold World Coins & Bullion

The South African Mint

The official mint of the Republic of South Africa was established in the late 1800s after gold was discovered near Witwatersrand. It didn't take long for South Africa to become a world leader in gold production. In the beginning of the 20th century the SA Mint was deemed a branch of the British Royal Mint located in the city of Pretoria, and production the pound began. They did not start striking their own currency until 1961 when they were officially their own Republic. In October of 1992 the mint was moved to Centurion and continues on from that same location today.

Gold Krugerrand

One of the most popular bullion coins ever created, the Gold Krugerrand, was first released in 1967. For several years Krugerrands were the only option for those looking to collect or invest in gold coins. Gold Krugerrands do not have an official face value, but are well known as the official gold bullion product of South Africa.

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3 Results (Viewing 1 - 3 of 3)

South African Gold as an Investment

As previously mentioned, for many ears the South African Gold Krugerrand was the only available coin for those looking to invest in gold. Each coin depicts Paul Kruger, the Republic of South Africa's first President, on the obverse and a springbok on the reverse. Another great option in South African Gold is the Gold Natura Coin Series. The first five of the series are commonly known as the "Big Five" show off the most famous animals of South Africa, and past the first five years a variety of other themes as well. With such a great variety in design, South African Gold makes for a terrific investment that will also help to diversify any collection!