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Chinese Gold World Coins & Bullion

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People's Republic of China

China has several mints responsible for producing coins. While the United States also has several mints throughout the country that produce our coinage, most of our coins include mint marks to specify where they were produced. Chinese Panda's do not include such markings. However, there are sometimes small variations in the coins that help to determine where the piece was struck. These variations can include a slight difference in color, the size of the date, or even minuscule difference in design. Do not get discouraged if you are not able to spot these differences as they are not always present.

Gold Panda

Production of Gold Panda coins began in 1982. Minted by the People's Republic of China, each year since the beginning of production (with the exception of one) the Panda image has been redesigned. The obverse image, however, remains the same depicting the Temple of Heaven along with the date of issue.

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Chinese Gold as an Investment

Gold Pandas are extremely popular coins among bother investors and collectors. Not only do the designs vary from year to year to keep things interesting, each piece is also made of .999 fine investment grade gold. With a large variety of sizes there are plenty of pieces to choose from in order to satisfy any budget. Chinese Gold Panda coins are a terrific way to diversify your holdings with new and interesting designs every year!

Chinese Coins

Collecting Modern World Coins is a great way to expand your collection with interesting and unique coins from around the world. Shop our ever-growing selection of coins from China, including the popular Silver Panda Coins. SilverTowne coin specialists will continue to bring you new coins from China Mints - check back often for the best selection!