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Silver Chinese World Coins & Bullion

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2017 China Silver Panda 30g BU
As Low As:
Check/Wire Price:  $25.72
CC/PayPal Price:  $26.49
2017 China Silver Panda 30g BU 10pc
As Low As:
Check/Wire Price:  $237.60
CC/PayPal Price:  $244.73
2017 China Silver Panda 30g BU 15pc
As Low As:
Check/Wire Price:  $351.90
CC/PayPal Price:  $362.46
2017 China Silver Panda 30g BU 5pc
As Low As:
Check/Wire Price:  $118.80
CC/PayPal Price:  $122.36
2017 China Silver Panda 30g MS69 ER NGC Red Core Panda Label
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Check/Wire Price:  $37.75
CC/PayPal Price:  $38.88
2017 China Silver Panda 30g MS70 ER NGC Red Core Panda Label
As Low As:
Check/Wire Price:  $66.87
CC/PayPal Price:  $68.88

The Chinese Mint

Just like the US, China has several mint facilities responsible for producing their coins. However, unlike here in the States, the China Mints do no include mint marks on their coins. Even so the People's Republic of China is responsible for creating one of the world's most collectible and appreciated bullion series out there, the Panda Coins.

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Silver Panda Coins

Silver Panda coins were brought to life in 1983 following their successful gold counterparts. Originally struck in .900 pure silver and only available in a proof variety; these Panda's were in production until 1985 in a limited quantity until 1986. Fast forward one year, to 1987, the 1 oz coins returned with a higher purity of .925 along with two new fractional sizes (1/2 and 1/4 oz). In 1988 the mint halted production of the 1 oz Pandas yet again; and by 1989 they were back and stronger than ever as the proof and bullion versions you are used to enjoying today!