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Certified Gold American Buffalo Coins

NGC & PCGS Graded AGBs

Graded American Gold Buffalo

Gold American Buffalo bullion coins are the first .9999 fine 24kt gold coins ever made by the US Mint. The $50 face value gold coins (which measure 32.7mm diameter) are legal tender and are guaranteed in weight (31.108 grams), content (1 troy ounce of pure gold) and purity (99.99% pure) by the US government. In 2008, the US Mint also made the Gold American Buffalo coins available in half-ounce ($25 face value), quarter-ounce ($10 face value) and tenth-ounce ($5 face value) pieces in Proof and Uncirculated. Buying Certified Gold American Buffalos from SilverTowne is a great way to assure you are purchasing top-quality graded coins. Gold American Buffalo coins offer a simple and tangible means for investors to own 24-karat gold.