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Due to an increased volume in orders, shipping is estimated to be delayed for 6-8 weeks.
In an effort to streamline our production of silver bullion, we are offering 1oz .999 Buffalo Replica Silver Rounds at this time.
2020 SAE BUs RAW & Special Occassion/Themed Silver Gifts are on a normal shipping schedule.

American Eagle Gold Coins

United States Mint GAEs

Gold American Eagles, The Most Popular US Gold Coin

The Gold American Eagle is the most widely purchased gold coin in America, and for good reason. The weight, content and purity of every Gold Eagle coin is guaranteed by the US Government. American Eagle Gold coins are legal tender and contain 91.67% (22 kt) gold.

Gold Eagles come in four denominations:
  • One troy ounce of pure gold ($50 face value, 32.7mm diameter, total weight 1.0910 troy ounces)
  • One-half troy ounce of pure gold ($25 face value, 27mm diameter, total weight 0.5455 troy ounce)
  • One-quarter troy ounce of pure gold ($10 face value, 22mm diameter, total weight 0.272 troy ounce)
  • One-tenth troy ounce of pure gold ($5 face value, 16.5mm diameter, total weight 0.1091 troy ounce)

Gold American Eagles are exceptional coins for investors wanting to add gold to their investment portfolio – buy yours today!