Israel Gold Dove of Peace 1 Gram Bar

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Israel Gold Dove of Peace 1 Gram Bar

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Israel Gold Dove of Peace 1 Gram Bar
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Israel Gold Dove of Peace 1 Gram Bar

First in the Gold Bar Series The Holy Land Mint is proud to issue the first Gold Bar, the ''Dove of Peace”. Jerusalem in Hebrew means "City of Peace” and the symbol of the dove has a long history, dating from the story of Noah’s Ark (Genesis 8:11), with the dove which returned with an olive branch, signaling that the flood was ended and that humanity would have a new and better world. Ancient Roman catacombs have been found depicting the dove together with the word “peace”. The Talmud refers again to the flood, “The spirit of G-D hovered over the face of the water like a dove”; the New Testament speaks of the dove as representing the peace of the soul and of Jesus; from the 3rd cent. A.D., the dove begins to be shown in situations of conflict.

Medieval manuscripts, both Jewish and Christian, show Noah’s dove of peace and the symbol has continued until modern times.

Perhaps most famous is Pablo Picasso’s “La Colombe”, for the Paris World Peace Congress, in April 1949. Since that time the dove has been widely used in peace movements worldwide. Therefore, it is fitting that the Holy Land Mint issue this Gold Bar depicting the universally beloved symbol of the “Dove of Peace” as its initial offering.

Each Gold Bar comes in Tamper-Evident Packaging, to ensure the quality of the bullion and that each Gold Bar arrives unaltered and pristine.
Metal: Gold/999.9-fine
Weight: 1g - 1 Gram
Mintage: Limited Edition- 30,000
Design: Meir Ashel\Shutterstock
Obverse: The Gold Bar obverse depicts a dove flying over the Jerusalem hills
Reverse: The reverse shows the Holy Land Mint logo, metal fineness, weight and serial number of the limited edition.
Check & Wire Price: Price:
$58.80 $60.56

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